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Dear HSYL Families,

Happy Meet & Greet Day!  I hope you had fun meeting your teacher today!  It was so much fun to “see” you on Zoom – even though we wish you were here.  We also enjoyed seeing so many of you at Device/Supply Bag pick-up!  Please hold on to those RED BAGS to exchange materials as needed throughout this school year.

Hawthorn has created a comprehensive District 73 Return to Learning Family Handbook.  Please take some time to look over this important document.

Hawthorn District 73 Return to Learning Family Handbook (English)

Distrito Escolar Hawthorn 73 Manual de la Familia al Regresar al Aprendizaje (Español)

Items to note:

  • Attendance:  Student attendance is taken at ALL synchronous sessions throughout the day. We know that this may be difficult for kindergarten students!  Don’t worry – you will not be penalized if you miss a session.  We are required to keep track of missed sessions.  If this does not work for your family, please contact your teacher to make individual arrangements.  If our office calls you, we are just checking to make sure the child is OK.
  • If a student is unable to attend a session, please send an email to HSYL-attend@hawthorn.com and copy your teacher – that way we will know that all is well and will not call you.  You do not need to send separate emails if you have reported your child  “sick” at the beginning of the day
  • Families needing technology support before, during, or after the school day are encouraged to access our Student Technology FAQ. Families may also contact our Instructional Technology Department at techsupport@hawthorn73.org or 847-990-4239. Families may wish to bookmark or print our technology support flyer.
  • A Zoom Home Help Guide is available for families in English and Español.

As we begin kindergarten, it is most important for us to build relationships and safe, supportive, and caring classroom communities.   We will also focus on teaching routines and procedures for our students to be successful.  This is a learning experience for ALL of us.  Take a deep breath, we’ve got this (and if we don’t, we will LEARN, that’s what kindergarten is all about).

Looking forward to Monday!


Dr. Jill Martin

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