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Dear Parents,

This message is in regards to your child’s HEALTH FORMS (medical only, this does not include dentist or eye doctor.)   Originally, we had thought that health forms would be due when children would return to learning in person.  According to ISBE guidelines, there is no waiver for this and WE WILL NEED YOUR UPDATED MEDICAL FORMS BY 10/15/2020.  

  • The state of Illinois has not changed the guidelines as far as requirements for entering Kindergarten.  
  • This mandate calls for a current  physical examination and  all required vaccinations. The deadline for this is October 15th.  
  • If we do not have this information on 10/15/2020, your child will be excluded from learning. (even remotely)

Submitting forms:

  1. Ring doorbell and drop them off at our front door – 637 N. Aspen, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
  2. Email forms to (our school nurse) or your teacher
  3. Fax forms to (847) 549-7822

Please submit Health Forms as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Dr. Jill Martin

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